Dollies on tracks are very


Dollies on tracks are very problematic. As you have found out, track is expensive. Laying, leveling and moving track is time consuming and can extend costly production time considerably. Tracking a running sequence with a dolly will be difficult and will require a great deal of planning to pull off smoothly. You’ll need to break the scene into multiple takes and move the track for each take. Pretty impractical, I’m afraid.

For the running sequences a stabilizing device such as Steadicam or Glidecam would be a better choice. Although both do a lot of the work in keeping moving shots steady it takes an experienced operator to make either device pay off so you’ll need to practice quite a bit before your shoot.

As for the slow-moving shots, I’d opt for a slider. Sliders provide great flexibility; they are relatively inexpensive, fit onto a tripod easily and many can be placed on a table or other flat surface for shooting where a tripod won’t fit.

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