doesn’t it suck when you p


doesn’t it suck when you pay for a product, just to find out that you don’t even own it after all?

So, if in the future, the human brain can be scanned to determine everything visual we have seen in our entire lives, will we be charged a usage fee for things we simply viewed that is the property of another?

If I take a picture of a car at a car show that I do not own, do I owe the owner a fee for digitizing an image of his car, after all, it would be his creative property.

If we are not allowed to copy DVD’s/CD’s, even technicaly for the use as a backup, then can I send in the broken DVD and a sales reciept to aquire a new copy free of charge? After all, I’m not allowed to actually own the material, so if the media wears out or breaks, I should only be liable for the cost of the media, not the intellectual copyrighted property that was contained on the DVD/CD, since I previously paid a fee to use the material, it should be a one time fee right? I should then have access to view / listen to the media for the rest of my life, and the producer should gaurantee that I will have access to it in some way without being charged twice.

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