>>Doesanyoneknowwhere Ican get acopyofthe licenses (academic and/orretail) before IbuysoIcansee whatisallowed,etc?Also, do youknow ifanycompaniesoffer asomewhat cheaper “upgrade” from an academic licenseto aretail license?<<

Many companies have the information on their website or a contact email or phone number for assistance on licensing. You can probably also get it by installing a demo copy of the software. Many programs have a folder named Legal that is installed rigth aong with the application. It can be tricky though, for example Adobe has a generic software agreement but expects the user to go to their site and review the academic software usage restrictions.

>>Callme oldfashion, butI wantto belegal (atleastwhen itcomesto editing…Ican’tmake any promises about mycarspeed :-P). It’swhyI got alegalcopy ofXP when Ineededitandalegalcopy of Vista whenI wantedto upgrade.Andwhy Ibuy thegamesI wantto play andrentthe moviesI wantto see.<<

Where I come from it is called being professional. The fact is that merely because you won’t get caught doesn’t make something right. By the way, I believe that some companies do actually have exemptions for the use of their software for projects created for film festivals and things like that. But once again I would suggest that you consult each companies site.

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