>>Does AVCHD compres


>>Does AVCHD compression give people trouble with their computers?

Unless I miss the mark here, AVCHD basically means flash-memory based video recordings. Yes, it give people problems. I know Vegas supports HDV, but I am not sure if Sony supports AVCHD or not. I could not find it here.


I knowthe new Magix software supports AVCHD, and it is supposed to be both inexpensive, and good:


If you want to go AVCHD (flash memory) for your primary camcorder, I would recommend contacting the manufacturers, and make sure they say they will support it. AVCHD is supposed to give superior picture quality, but the codec is so highly compressed that it makes computers work really hard. Also, one does not have a built-in backup, as with HDV tape. There are many pros and cons.

I think someone makes a ‘converter’ to convert the AVCHD codec to something computers can use easier, but I am not sure who. If you want to use AVCHD, Iwould check with VASST or Cineform. Perhaps someone on this forum knows?


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