Does anyone use BluffTitle


Does anyone use BluffTitler? I downloaded the trial version, which has "Demo" watermarked in the video, but it looks very versatile. The purchase price is about $50 US, I think. It looks like it’s worth it to me, but I’m looking for other opinions before I pay the $50.

If anyone is familiar with it, let me ask this. Will it make titles similar to the opening credits to the first "Superman" movie? Brief description: the text "swooped" in from behind the viewer while leaving trails. The trails would then "catch up" to the text which would then appear as normal on the screen. It’s hard to describe.

In my opinion, the "Superman" credits were truly a work of cinematic art. It would be great to be able to do something even remotely similar with a home computer.

I use Pinnacle Studio, version 9 Plus. People in the Studio user forums recommended BluffTitler, but I wanted to see what non-Studio users thought of it as well.



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