Do yourselves a favor and


Do yourselves a favor and step up to another level! Hey I think Studio is great! I started out using Studio 7 and I upgraded to Studio 8! But from time to time I would experience problems that just drove me crazy! Patch after Patch after Patch and there is still problems! I came upon this forum and saw lot’s of post of people having the same problem as me some even worse! If you’re just doing video for a hobby then you may be able to manage with the problems! But if you’re doing it for clients or you’re tired of the headache’s step up!!

I finally deciced to try a Professional software! After getting, and reading suggestions I decided to go with Vegas! WOW!!! There are so many things you can do with this software that I still haven’t done it all! Most of all though I have experienced 0 problems!!!! From time to time i would experience Burn problems with Studio! I have had no problems Burning DVD’s. Vegas is not the only software out there but for the price and the Unlimited abilities and peace of mind – GO FOR IT!!!!

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