Do you really feel that yo


Do you really feel that you need 2 cameras to start out? And about someone to operate the second one. Or do you just use the second one as just being on (in one position all the time) and not being moved around? See, I would love to take a videography course, but no one offers it. A couple in Kansas said that they would do a one on one with me for 2 days, but they wanted 1600.00
Back to the camera, I like the looks of the XL series, but wondering if having the LCD screen & viewfinder is better than just a viewfinder. That way it doesn’t have to be always on your shoulder. I know XL2 you can flip up the eyepiece to see it more as a 2" monitor, but I can’t afford that price. I can afford a XL1S though. I am not sure of the lux rating of the LX1S. I guess I am looking at it as I want a camera that looks and performs as a semi pro camera, otherwise I would use my Sony DCR-TRV720. I looked at the VX2100 the other day, and it has pretty much all the same features of the camera that I have. My wife is getting into the wedding consulting business on the side and thought that seeing I am only 50 and retired that I would try this along with her business.

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