Do you have any other comp


Do you have any other computers or camcorders with FireWire to test with? If you have another camcorder, I’d test it too and see if the HV20 is the problem. Or try the HV20 with a different computer to see if it’s your computer that’s the problem.

I’ve never heard of this problem such as it is. It looks to be working properly, but obviously it isn’t. Rare. I think you might have to wait until Canon gets back to you.

I’ve had some problems with connecting over FireWire when my project settings (including capture settings) are not the same as the camcorder’s source footage. Once, I thought I was going to capture HDV footage, but the original footage was actually typical SD footage (anamorphic, however, so I thought it was HDV). The software wouldn’t capture, obviously, and it took me much longer than I’d like to admit to figure out what the heck was wrong. Double check what the footage is, SD DV or HDV, double check your capture/project settings that they match and see if you can’t get them to communicate.


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