DO NOT trust that site. Th


DO NOT trust that site. There is no way that camera would sell for only $2300. I just checked it on and they are a scam. I (and I’m sure many others) would recommend

If I were to choose between the 110U and the 200U I would go with the 200U because it’s the updated version. The 200U can shoot 60p at the 1280X720 resolution, the 110U can’t. The 200U uses an Anton Bauer battery instead of the dinky one that is used with the 100U. I feel the larger battery in the back will help balance the camera better since it has that big lens in the front. Both cameras are great cameras, but why not get the updated one. Whatever you do, just don’t order from that site you were looking it. Like I said, they’re a scam.

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