Do keep in mind that as so


Do keep in mind that as soon as people start buying your video, if you’re a good teacher, there will be more people out there who can do what you do, and potentially some of them may develop their own style of doing it. What does that mean? You might not have "no competition" for long!

Honestly, I think your retail price is right on, if not a little high even. For example, I just did a quick check on Transformers, Spielberg’s latest film, is selling for $22 there. I’m seeing a lot of 5-6 disc sets there at $35-$40. Yes, their prices are a bit discounted, but from my experience, WalMart usually has similar pricing. Now, if a director who is arguably the best film maker in history is only pulling $22 a shot in for his video, it takes a lot of guts to sell your video for just a hair less than that.

Of course, that being said, you do have a good point that you’re the original pioneer of your artform. That gives you an edge, even if only for a short time. For now, you might be alright asking that price, and in the future, when competition starts building, you may have to give in and drop your pricing. As I said before, Humans have been one-upping each other since the dawn of time. Sooner or later, competition will hit your market, so perhaps your best time to strike is now.

But then, I’ve never had one of my videos distributed on a national level, so I could be totally wrong.

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