Do every shot you can thin


Do every shot you can think of. Every camera angle you can think of. Every creative camera move you can think of.


Action scenes/movies are REALLY fast, editing-wise. You need a ton of shots. You could shoot 30 shots and fit them all in, in 30 seconds. You know what I mean? Go watch the scenes in Raiders of the Lost Ark. There are aTON of shots in 2 minutes. Even with slo-mo moves in newer movies, such as Chronicles of Narnia, there’s still a ton of shots in a short time.

Shoot a lot and then edit REAL tight. You could show 5 second of this shot, ten second of this shot, a 15 second slo-mo, 2 seconds of this shot…you get what I mean. The tighter, the less your viewers are bored.

I’ve learned this through experience. Good luck! chris of Colorado

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