Do a Google search and tak


Do a Google search and take a look, to start, at the recently released Panasonic AG-HMC150 SD recording pro AVCHD camcorder. It is going to make a LOT of difference in the independent video services provider arena so far as quality, ease of use and editing, and HD production.

Most consumer camcorders under $1.5K are single chip or cmos units, having one “sensor” if you will to capture images, color and light. A 3-chip/cmos unit has three that each carry a color and other imaging information that usually can result in higher quality imaging on whatever medium is being recorded upon. This is rather simplistic, it can become quite complex in the full techno explanation, but in a nutshell….

Combined with the glass (lens) quality, and other technology, usually resulting in higher prices (the camera I mentioned above is the one I “lust” after) carries a suggested retail price of about $4K. There are other options, both in standard definition and high definition, and many single-chip camcorders are quite capable of generating a really decent image quality, given the proper lighting and other elements, but you are looking at a LOT of technological information, brand yada yada, and user preference, as well as a wide range of hands on reviews, in order to make an educated decision for what YOU want and can afford.

Look at the Canon GL2, or XL2 (even a used XL1), as well as a host of Sony and JVC brands in the standard (SD) range, some even offering wide aspect ratio recording 16×9, or standard 4:3. These can go for between $2K and $4K. If I were, however, to spend more than $3K on a new camera I’d feel inclined to move into HD and get all the camera I could afford based on my production needs and editing platform capabilities.

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