dnathanHow can an email be



How can an email be masked? How could a person send an email with a false ‘From’ entry? I tried it with outlook and sent a test message using

Test Testing [test@test.com]

When it showed up in my inbox it read:

D Nathan Salsbury [dsalsbury@cox.net]; on behalf of; Test Testing [test@test.com]

Perhaps he has special software to do it.

The other point of confusion is that I have a full name and address to which I sent the funds through Western Union. Wouldn’t this have to be his real name to receive the money? If that’s the case why would he open himself up to being thrown in jail?


Never underestimate the power of the hackers. You would be surprised as to how they can trick you through secretly buried code and re-directed links. The link you may physically see on a web page may not be the actual address its tied too.

If you are using MS Explorer, one way you can tell is when you hover over a link with your mouse pointer, the address should appear at the bottom of that window within the window frame. Ive seen it where that address is not even close to one that was listed on the web page. Also sometimes you might end up seeing that address but at the other end, it might be set up to re-direct your email or the link of which you may not even be aware of. This is why everyone has to be very careful when checking out or buying stuff from on-line vendors. Stay with the reputable sites and stores. There you at least get what youre paying for. Going to some fly-by-night operation just to save $100 is not worth it because in the end you get NOTHING for what you paid for. πŸ˜‰


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