dMo Wrote:I really should


dMo Wrote:

I really should be putting these things on the Web, but I just don’t have enough know-how to get the quality to improve. I published one through Acid Planet, but I wasn’t happy with screen/viewing size or the way it handled picture quality and transitions. Any suggestions there?

It really depends on what you want to do or I should say what you’re looking for.

You can place almost any type of video file on the Internet not just Flash video.

A lot depends on your web hosting company or if you have your own website or if you are buying bandwidth from a web hosting company.

Sites like You Tube place limits on file size and type so it becomes a trade off of quality versus the limits set by the web master.

As far as getting good quality goes always remember that your source files have the best quality but once you start the encoding process to convert from one format to another and or add effects you will drop some quality. To what degree depends on what you have done and what your setting are.

A good Flash encoder will/should give you settings options where you tell the encoder how many passes to make and what bitrate you want. This is where you can get good quality videos.
You Tube is a great place to have fun but due to their size restriction [and rightfully so] you will never get great quality from them. Many other video hosting website have those same restrictions.

Give us more details on what you want to do and stuff and someone here will know what should work best for you.

There is much people with much skills on this site.

Good luck to you.

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