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Though you have experience with still photography, Videography is far more complicated. The DSLR’s are as described as ‘impressive cameras’, but there is a learning curve and equipment curve your budget can’t handle at this time. For someone learning video I’d have to say get a dedicated video camera first. There are a number of controls that are similar to DSLR’s but there are those controls that are strictly video related. Besides, there’s a big difference in dealing with ‘pictures that move’ and just ‘pictures’. Lastly, unless you plan on making silent films there’s the wonderful world of audio to learn how to handle as well. A video camera will have better inputs and capacity for recording audio than a DSLR.

Bottom line: In my opinion take your money and find a good entry-level video camera. Get a decent case for it, a couple of extra batteries, an inexpensive microphone that’s compatible with your camera, an inexpensive tripod (with a built-in level) and compatible recording media. Take that gear and learn how to use it properly by watching the free video tutorials on this site and ask as many questions in these forums as you need to.

So now I guess your next question is: “What camera should I buy?”

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