Digital video,It’s reall


Digital video,

It’s really a preference thing. Just weigh out all the negatives and positves around each system and but what works best for your situation. I love usign Macs but like a lot of the cool software that comes out for PC’s. You can essentially do the sames types of things on both platforms but sometimes using different types of software. I use both and like what both have to offer. Have fun!

Digital Video Wrote:

I did alot of reading and research on the subject of mac and pc. Clock speed and not crashing go to mac, but programs,upgrades and price go to pc.I still believe it’s the same just go with what is easier for you. Another question why does hollywood use mac? I’ve looked at B&H at there high end systems and they look identical. Confused in the never ending debate.
The main reason I’m looking at mac now is my wife(a photographer) uses pc photoshop 7.0. She can’t free up enough hard drive for the system to run without crashing. She saves ever wedding and photoshoot. She has already asked me when I’m getting my new computer.

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