Digital Video Wrote:RB I a


Digital Video Wrote:

RB I also own the AZD200ULT Dual 63-Channel On-Camera UHF Wireless Bodypack System. I no longer use both mics. I have found a huge problem with 2 seperate audio tracks (groom & minister) put together as one track when you download. In the past I have had the minister telling a story about the bride and groom. In the background you can hear the groom and bride whispering. Your recording 2 mics on one track. In post it’s very difficult to pick the audio apart if it’s layed in one track(also very time consuming). I now only run 1 mic and use 2 digital recorders. Like compusolver said about testing for interferences. I set up both wirless mics on 2 different channels, have my helper walk all over the area talking to me as I monitor sound for drop outs and interference. I then make the best choice for which mic / channel to use. I still have to learn how to use my digital recorders better becuase of the larger area they pick up sound.

I have a Sony PD170, and it lets you separate the two mics. One on the left and one on the right channel. If you plug them in right and the persons stand correctly, it actually works really good. As for an eco sound, I don’t get one with this configuration. My problem is when someone steps up to a house mic and starts to read from the Bible or gives a speach. I haven’t figured out how to capture that quite the way I’d like. My second camera at the rear center usually picks up a good sterio sound of the music, but for some reason, doesn’t pick up the vocals well. I really need a portable iRiver or something, but I can’t find a good one. I’ve done a ton of shopping around hear and no one carries a sterio recorder with mic input.
Any suggestions of a current model that I could buy off line, would be appreciated.

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