digital slrs have had that


digital slrs have had that for years. it’s time. also image size tracking to alter the zoom as the subject moves to keep the subject the same size in the frame!
Do you know what else would really rock?
My Pentax slrs have a feature called "snap in focus" where you set the focus manually, lock the shutter, and when the subject moves into focus the shutter fires! (eg focus at a point in front of a bird feeder, and the camera doesn’t fire the shutter until a bird moves into the spot where your lens is focussed).

now imagine having multi spots in your frame, where you can pre program manual presets for zoom, focus and exposure, and when a subject moves throught the targeted areas, the program shifts the camera settings! (ie you have one setting for the couple walking down an isle, but when they pass a point near a window, the camera settings change, then when they reach the alter, the camera zooms in, sets the right exposure settings).

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