Digital killed film off be


Digital killed film off because Celluloid was a ‘too many steps’ process. The whole reason Lucas and then Cameron went all digital is because (in both cases) it was the only way to go with CG driven products.

But even for the small no-budget productions (which I was on just four days ago), you can’t beat digital with editing, color correcting, etc. What was posted in one week for this short, would have taken up to a month with each step. No comparison with either price or production.

As to Kodak… Yes, it was (yet) another example of the “too big to fail” behemoth death march; companies whose corporate ego do not allow for change until it becomes painfully obvious. Like IBM before it (‘who’s going to want to own a desktop computer?’), those companies that are blind to technological trends will die from that blindness stepping into the dinosaur swamp of ‘We don’t need to innovate, we’re _______’ (fill in the blank).

The only thing that saved Microsoft in my mind was that Gates foresaw the ‘if you give it away for free, you have them hooked’ model of business. Not a good model in my opinion either, but that’s how behemoths can stomp the landscape with eyes open.

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