Different tools for differ


Different tools for different situations. (1) Two people sitting at a kitchen table, talking about their lives together. Tool: lav mics wired to your camera, or running through a mixer into your camera. (2) Interview with a woman sitting on a sofa who at some point in the interview wants to show you different pieces of art work in her home. Tool: Wireless mic. (3) Several people sitting around the living room, reminiscing about recently departed Grandma. Tool: Boom with shotgun, wired lavs, wireless, etc. In other words, use whatever meets the requirements of the situation.

Of all the situations above, I’ve found that you’ll get the consistently best audio from the hard-wired lavaliere mics.

Wireless mics are somewhat expensive, but allow the greatest flexibility. I’ll second Wayne’s suggestion for using Sennheiser ew100s. We use two of them plus a couple of Audio Technicas when necessary. The Sennheisers have a wide range of frequencies so there’s no reason ever to have interference from radio or TV broadcasts.

The down side of a field recorder is that you have to sync all the audio to video at some point. This takes time and time is money. Plural Eyes is a big help but why go through the hassle?


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