Different cameras, i use C


Different cameras, i use Canon XL1 and GL2 models in SD, but I’ve used them quite frequently with not only my FCP/Mac system for direct recording using the process Rob points out, but also my old tried and trusty Casablanca stand-alone system that takes a firewire feed allowing me to recording directly to the large capacity hard drives I use in it. Either way works.

As Rob says, I hook up the camera via firewire, launch log and capture in FCP and press the “capture now” button and record until done. I’m not an expert at doing it, using the MiniDV, well DV NTSC 48 kHz firewire presets, as I don’t do it often enough to be intimately familiar with all the oopses and whoopses involved, but it works well enough that I’ve been able to do the short recordings I’m wanting to do that way.

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