Didn’t mean to insult you


Didn’t mean to insult you Compusolver, i just am used to writing down a shot right after I shoot it. I write it down really quick and can go back to it later for my EDL.

As for multiple locations and turning off the camera, i always just fast forward a bit and then give the next shots new timecode. If i know what shots were shot when i know when to start capturing.

As for me having lots of time on my hands, that is not the case at all. If you must know I already have a degree in video and i am just in school for my bachelors in digital media. I do freelance and i work in an equipment cage.

I have 20 hrs of work.

I have 17 hrs of class.

I have about 5 hrs of homework a week.

I do freelance nearly every saturday.

I don’t have as much spare time on my hands as you may think.

As for trying it with stretches of tape with no timecode in the middle, i always go by the rule of thumb of having five seconds before and after every shot. But if you had no timecode right up until the shot you need; then having a preblacked tape would come in handy.

If you want a blacked tape you could probably take them in bulk to a dubbing house. I would bet it would be a bit costly though. Or you could just rent time on a deck and pick a blacking day of the week. I assume you were only doing this to new tapes.

Im sure you know it wears out the tape just as much as regular use. Technically you should only record on a mini dv 5 times all the way.
If you are using a DVCAM tape then thats diffrent. They have significantly less drop out.

But hey, I’m just a snot nosed kid.

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