Did I tell you how much I


Did I tell you how much I dislike the TD-900 by Eartek? Well, I’m not finished complaining. 😑
No, there is no Squelch control. The muffled sounds have nothing to do with music in the house being too loud. It just sounds like the director through a rag over his mic. It sounds find when your 20 feet away but when your 80 like I was it was no good.
But the reason why I am sounding off again is because I discoverd that some of the units didn’t get charged. The slot where you plug the headphones is so much like the slot the recharger plugs into that those of us who have trouble multi tasking didn’t pay attention enough to plug things in the right hole. Nothing was damaged but you would think that the two would be different enough to not cause such confussion. I don’t have a problem sticking FireWire into the USB slot, except that one time. X-D

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