Did a ton of troubleshooti


Did a ton of troubleshooting this weekend; I found in the help index, under troubleshooting, that, because I have the Sony Vegas 5.0 installed on my 160 MB hard drive, which uses Windows XP, that I am suppose to capture/render DV video to another drive, which I did and it works (with the exception of 20 or so dropped frames, which is far less than the 200 – 300 I was getting when I was capturing to the same hard drive as the Vegas is installed); Now all I have to do is figure out why I’m still dropping frames; On the drive I a capturing to, I have installed a software that I use to record/edit digital music and that’s all; the operating system for that 120 MB drive is Windows 2000; I wondering if the dropped frames is due to the differences in the operating systems (XP on the drive that has the Vegas program vs. Windows 2000, which is on the drive that is capturing the video), or is it dirty heads, or if any one has death with this whole confusing process before. Thanks again. brw459@yahoo.com

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