Dick, In your other post I



In your other post I recommended the Sony GV-HD700 since you were interested in tape based cameras that handled HD in 1080i and DV format. The ‘Clamshell’ as it’s called is a dual purpose player/recorder and monitor with firewire in/out, HDMI out and Analog Component out connections that will allow you to hook it up to nearly whatever you need. Also it runs on either battery or AC power which is great for field work. It’s a Mini-DV based tape deck and will play standard mini dv or mini hdv tapes. At around $1100 US you’re going to be tapped to find a better piece of gear. The only drawback is if you’re working with 720p HD video you can only watch it on the monitor if you shot it in 30p as it does not support recording in 720p format.

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