Despite being a former Med


Despite being a former Media and communications teacher, and later performing arts and music teacher, I’d have to say that if you are good at science – Physics and Biology – the career prospects for jobs in those areas beat that in the media, which is (certainly here in the UK) hugely oversubscribed and jobs few. Success seems to rely on luck mainly. You could get a really well paid job, and invest money in decent kit and become a good amateur filmmaker as a hobby and really enjoy it. Getting to be a well paid, well respected director will be very difficult – and you will be up against thousands of people – even just in your own state, or maybe even city!

The arts is cash poor. The sciences cash rich. Maybe dull and even boring, but earning potential so much higher.

Are your natural skills already existing in science? If so – how good could you be after university?

As a production person I say be a director. As a realist, I’m not so sure!

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