Derek, Whataya’ say to tha



Whataya’ say to that? Every possible comeback I could think of would be tagged as ‘beyond politically incorrect!’ I will say that there was a ‘Meth Lab’ understaffed at the time those characters made that flick!


I just cannot comprehend how ‘effin’ retarded these people are these days. Okay, let’s just say that by some magical means those candid snaps went only to her hubby. He’s in a war zone and I can tell you from my own numerous deployments that sooner or later someone will get a hold of those pictures whether by accident or ‘accidentally on purpose’ and they’ll get spread around! I’ve broken up fights because some yahoo got his hands on some sailor’s naked wife/girlfriend photos. And cell phones back on the homefront have an annoying habit of ‘walking off’ on their own. On deployment, they don’t tell you to keep your gear locked up for nothing.

I do like that one commercial where the cute & innocent 13-15 year-old girl is walking around town and all of those guys from teenagers to gray-beards are talking to her about her personal stuff (right down to her favorite panty color) to illustrate how your so-called ‘private’ info isn’t. I guess ‘Ashely’ never saw that video.


I got to see my ex’s boobies for the first time the old-fashioned way, I talked her into it. Nice idea for a Bumber Sticker though.

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