Depends on what all you are


Depends on what all you are doing. I bought a VG-10 when they first came out in 2010 and love it. I didn't see the need to "upgrade" to the 20 because I didn't see enough of a difference in what I get out of it and it wouldn't show in my work over the 10. I'm glad I went that way as I also have a FS100 now and the lenses fit both. 


I really like the VG cameras for nature video and tromping around in the woods. The small form factor make them a great choice and I really don't like dragging more expensive cameras around through swamps. With that said though, I am considering getting a VG-900, the Full Frame sensor has my attention. But I have been very happy with what I get out of the VG-10. Really its production above what most clients notice anyway.


I mostly record audio with a field recorder and other mic's but the Sony shotgun with the 3.5mm jack on a VG-20 will surprise you.

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