depends on the quality req


depends on the quality required and why you actually want from slides on a DVD. If they are going to be put into a slide show to watch on a TV then they just need to be screen resolution. For that look into the slide copier described above.

I also use an Elmo TRV-35H which is a modified slide projector with an LCD capture device in it. they were about $2500 new but you can find them on ebay from $100-500 used. It has an S-video out and I run that into my editing system. Quick fast cheap. Works well…quality okay. No individual files…just a DVD stream to watch the slides…cut to music….etc

But many of my customers also want files of each slide and for those I use a Nikon scnner. Slow, big files, and a pretty fair learning curve (including learning Photoshop if need be). But beautiful results with lots of flexibility. You can print the files, e-mail them, or put them into a show to watch on TV.

I get about 75 cents per slide for the cheap method and about $3 per slide for the scans.

BTW…I’ve got a Nikon Coolscan 4000 I’ll sell…I upgraded to a 5000.

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