Depending on where you are


Depending on where you are shooting you can either try and "lock down" one camera (I’d say the wide shot) while you’re doing the close up work or –
realize that this is a professional production.
Once you realize that, try and hire a production assistant that can also run camera. Try a local college or even a high school.

Or, if you can’t hire someone – do the shoot with one camera.

Nobody says you have to use all your equipment. Think of the second one as a back up if the first camera goes down.
Yes, this will mean you will have to shoot somethings more than once.
So, Plan the shots carefully. Note down the shots needed. Storyboard if you are so incline – if you want a good tip on this – use a digital camera and shoot pics of your talent while he is doing the presentation that you are taping for the script. Put the pics into a slideshow. That becomes your storyboard.

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