Depending on the software


Depending on the software you are using to edit, you may have the option of using a high pass or low pass audio filter. The high pass will let everything above a certain frequency go through, and will mute everything below it. The low pass will mute everything above a certain frequencey and will let everything below it pass through. With wind, you’re probably gonna get some high and low frequencies, so you’d probably have to use both filters. You’ll just have to mess around with the settings to see what sounds the best. As far as getting a clean recording from the start, I really dont’ know. Wind screens are good, but if you have a normal consumer camcorder like I do, I don’t think it can use a windscreen. I’m still new to alot of stuff, so maybe they make them to go on the onboard mics for the cameras. As far as I knew, they were all for the external mics.

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