Depending on the length of


Depending on the length of the day, mine may be one DVD or 2. Usually the Greek Weddings are pretty long, whose ceremony lasts around 1 hour & 20min, and Reception lasts 5 or 6 hours. This is usually 2 DVD’s.

A normal wedding will be on one DVD.


The first DVD is always the Ceremony and all related events and videos.

I always include a (documentary style) Full Ceremony video Edited with 3 camera angles.

I always include a musical synopsis of the ceremony, which includes pickup shots of the venue, flowers, alter, people, etc.

If the Bride and Groom do comments to each other, I include this.

Bridal Prep

Video of the pictures

Reception DVD

I usually make this DVD (or section of the single DVD) as a full video (I used to do individual clips but people said they liked to click play and let it go with options to pick a starting place). I create a menu to choose a starting place. I put the Reception in order of occurance.

I add a musical synopsis of the reception.

For each traditional moment, I’ll usually artsy it up and make it look nice, but it is usually chronologically correct.

I add a synopsis of all the good dancing.

Everyone really seems to like that format.


Normally my Single DVD videos run about 2 hours.

Depending on what extra stuff I film, such as the rehearsal dinner, rehearsal, etc, it can be a bit longer.

If it is a Double DVD where the Ceremony and Reception are on different DVD’s then it can be upwards of 3 hours.

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