Definitely create a story


Definitely create a story with your shots. A good friend of mine does wedding videos this way. Gives it a much smoother look overall. Also He throws in a dvd of the best raw footage in case they ever want to get more, he leaves them a card, if they want to edit more video than what he produces. He ussually takes only an hour and a half of footage for the final shot. Something interesting he did at the last wedding was he met up with the couple after their honeymoon and they were able to send a thank you to all those who attended the wedding, which made it possible to sell the dvd to the family to give out to friends and family. This is a great way to make it not only for the couple, but also for those who attended the wedding, like close family. Hope this helps,


Also, check to make sure all your footage color and lighting equals up (this is something you should set before you film, but can still be done afterwards, its just a hassle) This will help the video to flow.

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