Definitely could be the pr


Definitely could be the preamp, using a pad/attenuator would help solve that as gldnears suggested. Also, check if the camera gain setting is actually for the analog preamp circuitry, or if it is simply a digital trim setting (you want to control the analog preamp, pre-digitization).

It is theoretically also possible that the microphone itself is being overloaded. Most mics have a max SPL rating, over which the diaphragm/circuitry itself cannot physically handle the sound level without distorting (or potentially damaging). Usually this is pretty high, so if you’re really in environment that is that loud I pity those without earplugs… Look up your specific mic specs and see what it’s rated for. Getting a mic with a higher SPL threshold might be the solution.

If all else fails you could (and should as a backup anyway) try a digital recorder with external mics, but I would not put it by the speakers themselves. Put it at the mix position, or a decent audience location midway back.

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