debbyq Wrote:has anyone ha


debbyq Wrote:

has anyone had trouble with the menus not working after the movie is burned? i have tested menus in the program and they work .. burn with menu first on dvd and a mini version works .. but when i place some video before menu, it no long recogonizes the codes and does not function ..

Timely answer…
Are you certain that the menu was built properly?

Occassionally a menu gets built with a button+title, and the title gets unlinked from the button (via the ungroup button)… Come to think of it, menus are the pinnacle’s weak link.
My only advice is to start over with a new menu, or just troubleshoot on one button to see what you need to do to make it work.

Hail Mary: exit studio, bring it up again, rebuild project, and burn another disk. See if problem still exists.

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