Debates like these are com


Debates like these are common in many areas of specialized expertise – thanks to the internet! I mean, I have gone to book stores to find information on topics, and found that the same information can many times be found for free on the internet – provided you can filter out the garbage!

I’m not saying that the internet is the end-all of information – but for some topics – it’s fantastic – like programming languages for example.

Anyway, I have also found that getting a well written book and having it at your side is a valuable and worthwhile resource.

I’m halfway through my BS in Computer Science and I have no intention of stopping until I get it – for me it’s about the journey and the expansion of my mind on things I never would have thought about otherwise.

Now, when I’m on a mission to accomplish something more specific and immediate – I’ll search anywhere and everywhere for the knowledge I think I need to get it done – (and sometimes learn the hard way when I get mis-informed!)

I can see both sides of this one!

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