Dear Vidomaker Crowd, It


Dear Vidomaker Crowd,

It seems that there might be the one or the other question about PAE Media.

PAE Media is part of the business incubator PAE Piech Asia Enterprises and has the focus of designing brand driven TV solutions for large international corporations.

After you register at our website (all information received will not be used for any other purpose than getting in touch with contact contestants) we will send further information about the contest as well as a digital package with all the necessary files to you in order to get starting on the contest.

We also saw that where questions about the requirements for the clip. You can all the necessary details on the contest website:

Start PAE Media Logo
End PAE Media Logo
Spot length max. 2 minutes
Digital file .mov (Quick Time)
Format Moving pictures (no further restriction). Any format is welcome.
Sound Yes
If you use sound, add the sound file also separately
Words Written Yes, as subtitle or floating words
Words Spoken Preferably not
Language English

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


PAE Media

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