Dear Video-ManiacI had a


Dear Video-Maniac

I had a similar problem, once in the old analog days. I used a Panisonic AG-1950 pro VHS VCR.
I had to video a dance review and they wanted different angles.
I was lucky in that it was in the same theater but on successive days. I found it imposible to sync the video to the audio track so it just did a simple assemble edit sound and video from “A” then sound and video from “B”. I used a very quick, Less than a second, cross-fade between each camera change. The two most importand factors are; end one scene and start the next scene on the same note from the music, not by play time; & adjust the volume as close to the same as posible. The tone may very some but you would have to be very good at mixing to fix that.
Good Luck

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