Dear Mr Castello, Please


Dear Mr Castello,

Please note – We are not affiliated with a or JoshShippProductions of Oklahoma. The mailing address for submissions and screenings is Bonita Springs, FL – Please note that is a private email address, not a Obviously this is a coincidence. (HmmmStudios is an abbreviated nickname for – HomeGrown Music, MultiMedia and Movie Studios)

It’s a strange feeling to have to justify your private email address…and it is amazing how the right intentions with a little knowledge can totally malign and distort truth. :'(
I guess it reminds me of the television industry and the power of the edit. πŸ˜‰

I appreciate the fact that you seem to be watching out for videographers or readers of this magazine and forum… but I hope that your well intended sarcasm will not stand in the way of opportunity for others.

We currently produce and air broadcast and satellite television programming. We have been invited to join Microsoft Corporation and other major Networks, to air television via a set-top box. We will also be providing broadband and mobile streaming. We are, of course, looking for broadcast quality television programming, but we have decided to also present this opportunity for talented videographers, content providers and those earnestly interested in gravitating toward a future in film or television. We are looking for fresh talent. Feel free to submit any of your work for viewing on one of our channels.

As for your remark about “not getting airtime” … We have an enormous amount of time, and many years to fill with advertising, entertainment and programming. It is our hope that many who submit their projects will later become REGULAR PROGRAMMERS as they develop in their art. We believe that many young students of digital video and convergence will have a new perspective to share with our wide audience. We also believe that anyone who seriously desires to produce television or film, will not hesitate to pay a nominal fee to have their show processed and aired. Travel to, and enter a film festival and see what that costs you…

This is an exciting time to become involved in the television and movie industry, and the sky is the limit. The rules are changing… doors are opening for artists and producers like never before…and we are grateful to be in on the ground floor of this amazing opportunity. We hope that you will reach for the stars and ride this cloud with us.


M R Grass
HomeGrownStudios, Inc
25871 Creekbend Drive
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

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