dear laston lastoff,


dear laston lastoff,

i thank you so much for your kind reply

i am not an expert videographer but since i watch a lot of videos since i am doing some music for short movies and documentaries, also video renderings i think that the color from dvcam, minidv and dvcpro is more lifelike and does not contain any artifacts also the linear pcm sound is a much better choice (for certain videos like concerts, theatre, ballet, music videos)

the person that is selling his sony dsr 250 have reduced the price to 400 euros

i am concern about the service since the camera is too old and possibly the recording head need to be replaced among with the transport motor and transport mechanism

i forgot to ask if the sony dsr 250 can live stream from the dv out

for a pro like camera i have to spend more than 1500 euros and i am afraid to say that i cannot spend such as money right now

some friends suggested me the jvc jy-hm70 but i think is not at all a pro camera

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