Deanne, Go for it! I purc



Go for it! I purchased a Panasonic HDC-SD900 on the strength of very favourable reviews of the SD-700 and I find it excellent for my purposes, with first-rate image quality. I have one very minor and niggling criticismand that concerns the fact that there is no positive ‘lock’ function on the flip-out screen. However, I simply slip a rubber-band over it and around the camera at the aft-end. That situation arises only because I frequently carry my camcorder on a tripod, over my shoulder, when walking between shots. Otherwise, I have found my machine highly satisfactory in just aboutevery application, although my use, unlike yours,is predominantly out-of-doors and in a ‘natural-history’ context.

Hope that helps.

Ian Smith

Dunedin, New Zealand

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