DCR-VX2100 gets the Video


DCR-VX2100 gets the Video Makers Test Bench "Highest Praise" it does not have as much talk of film like video but they rave about the camera.

The panny 100b: doesn’t get the test benches’ praise so thick, but there is loads of talk about its film -looking like stuff.

I having trouble finding elaborations on this.

If I am going to make serious films it seems that I am going to want somthing with native 16:9. The panny HVX-2000 has that.

My new questions are:

Will the DCR-VX2100 do me good for movies? And can I do the movie like look and feel with editing filters and software (I read about this post filming effects)?Does this camera have the native 16:9 (I am missing it from the articles I have scene and am not recognizing it clearly in the B&H specs)?

The Panny 100b does not have the 16:9. Is this a huge a downfall for me?

The PANNY HVX2000 HD memory cards are gonna get way to pricey for me to get into into now, but this camera could end in the long term being a pay off here…. For now will this Camera do the same Film look stuff the 100b will with the 16:9 using normal mini DV? – and there fore maybe be my best bet?

///if your goal were similar and you had about 5 grand total to put into this (I allready have my AMD 64×2 Computer and editing software). what do you think you would do.

I know I am asking alot of question here.. but I wrote a screenplay with good reviews and I got to get moving on this puppy before I loose my venue!!!


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