Dax, Outside of AWB (ugh!)



Outside of AWB (ugh!) and presets, your other option is a Custom Whitebalance. The sybol for CWB is a square over two wedges. What you do to get a CWB is take a whitecard and hold it in your dominant light source and take a picture of it. When you select CWB your camera will ask you which image you want to use for the whitebalance. Select the one you just shot and the camera will make the adjustment.

Now, the drawback with CWB is each time the light changes so does your whitebalance. So if you’ve got clouds drifting in and out or you’ve been shooting during the length of the day, the sunlight changes in temperature over time. That meaning the light in the morning won’t be the same as noon or sunset so you’ll have to make the appropriate adjustments.

Indoors, you’ll need a CWB when you have mixed light like sunlight from windows and indoor lights. Take your whitecard and place it central to the outdoor light and indoor so they mix together. Take the picture and use that as your whitebalance image. You can confirm that info on page 99 of your manual.

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