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Best thing to do is do a ‘site survey’ of the location or studio setup you plan on shooting and get a good look at what will be needed. You’ll need to do this anyway so you can block off your scene as you match up what’s on your storyboard with what’s actually on site.

Take photos of the location/set from the angles you put down in your storyboard. Doing so will also help you add or remove shots from your shot list. Depending on your scene, you may or may not need 3-point lighting. There is no ‘do all’ lighting setup. You’ll have to take into account what the mood of the scene is, size of the set/location and what kind/number of lights you’ll need.

Seriously, you sound like you need a hell of a lot more time learning how this stuff works and practicing your craft without the ‘Sword of Damacles’ of contracts and money hanging over your head. Dude you are way behind the learning curve on this and going as is will get you into trouble. Before you can start thinking about doing semi-commercial work you need to be at the high-end of intermediate skill level. Technically, you’re trying to prizefight after a lesson or two. There are no shortcuts to working in this business and without the proper skill level to work commercially is bad business….

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