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I meant to post that video, but I thought it might have been too advanced for many of the novices on these forums. Those folks are at the top of the game, Hollywood Industry Pro’s. Much of what they had to say is relevant to the independent producer and the novice starting out. Unless you’re rolling with budgets and deep-pocket client lists like they have, you’ll need to take the info they passed on and apply it at your scale. The thing I found most intriguing was how they mentioned how Adobe is making inroads on both FCP and Avid, but didn’t mention how Vegas is becoming very popular with american broadcasting and editing reality tv for broadcast.

The thing that will make Premiere eventually become equal to or greater than FCP in market share is that it is crossplatform. Avid will maintain its dominance because of that. Despite Apple’s marketing mantra ‘Get a Mac’ and Microsoft’s ball dropping with Vista, there are people who for whatever reasons will stay loyal or switch back and forth from either. The programs that work crossplatform will be dominant. Years ago, Apple gave in and allowed the Apple version of MS Office, because everyone in the business world saw it as the standard (and still do). I know lots of PC editors who would use FCP if it were crossplatform, me being one.

With everything in the industry compressing, being able to collaborate will be more important than ever and being able to do so amongst Apple, Windows and Linux will keep software viable (and profitable) in the coming years.

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