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There are a lot of tape decks out there, but it’s not hard to figure out which one is for you.

First you need to decide which format you are using. MiniDV tape, HDV tape, Beta SP tape, HDCam, HDCam SR, DVCPro HD, etc. There are many different tape formats, but once you know which format you’re working with, there are only a few decks to choose from.

Once you know which decks you have to choose from, you need to look for one that is in your price range. MiniDV decks can cost anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars while HDCam SR will be around the $100,000 range or more, but I’m assuming you are not recording HDCam SR…just simply making the point that some can be super expensive.

So anyway, to make your life easier, figure out which format you are recording then decided on a price range. You will only have a few products to choose from.

The features you want in that deck depend on the format you are recording and what you intend to do in the editing stage. So let us know what format you’re recording.

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