Darkmilonguero, go with th


Darkmilonguero, go with the shooting 30p for DVD. There are some of the consumer Sony and Panasonic cameras (think hand-sized camcorder) out there that will shoot in AVCHD on an HCSD card or hard drive that you can output out to a portable Panasonic DVD recorder. The recorder will allow you to record AVCHD onto a standard DVD and the disc will play on Blu-Ray players. But stick to DVD’s if you can. I have been in business for over 10 years doing video production, I have yet to have a corporate client ask me for the finished product on Blu-Ray, so I don’t think it’s a format I have to get into…yet. If you want to upload to YouTube for really good quality, just pick 720p, 30 fps for your final render settings on your project. YouTube downgrades to Flash video anyway, so your quality will be good. Here is a fishing video I produced recently that will show you the quality you can get by uploading in 720p:


Happy filming!

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