danumber2 Wrote:if i buy p


danumber2 Wrote:

if i buy pinnacle and start a movie right….can i use that movie that i have already started in pinnacle in Adobe after effects 7.0?

or can i just start a movie and edit in after effects without pinnacle?

Your question is kind of ambiguous. Like my esteemed colleague svhs has already mentioned. You can bounce file clips between the two different applications but youll have to keep the format the same. This means that when youre done in either app, youll have to render it out as a new revised AVI file before you can import it in to the other app.

For the most part, youll want to edit the actual movie in Pinnacle because its more efficient and designed to do that. You can edit video in AE as well but it can be kind of cumbersome. AE is more of a composite animator which is designed for adding or creating special effects to a project. Im not sure how much you have worked with AE already but if not, it is a BIG BOY program and is very difficult to master completely.

Now if you had Adobe Premier Pro, then you could bounce in between both apps rather seamlessly and wouldnt have to necessarily render everything out each time. That saves a ton of time.


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