Daniel – Overall very good


Daniel – Overall very good. A couple of suggestions:

1) Look into some form of stabilization for the shakes – I use ProDad Mercalli 2 and NewBlueFX Stabilzer Pro – they both work but do things a bit differently – Download the demos and see how you like them.

2) Audio could use some work – Add a little warmth maybe.

3) Color correct the clips to a more consistent look.

4) Instead of cuts to short interview clips with the same composition (framing), try some b-roll or tighter framing instead of the short clip – example: 6:36 – 6:51.

5) Small thing but you may want to add more info in the credits like their contact info and a plug for yourself.

As I said, overall a good job – Would love to see it after working on it a bit more.

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