damn that is the greatest


damn that is the greatest idea i’ve ever heard. unfortunetly-or rather real FORTUNETLY, i discussed the entire situation to my parents over some gin and tonics on the front porch after they got home from work, and they are actually making me order the camera off b&h! i protested and told them i didn’t want them spending the extra money on me and i’d figure out a way to get it for the afore mentioned price but they wouldn’t have it. i explained to them how i couldn’t make a decision on which camera to purchase because the panasonic was cheaper, but i had my heart set on the gl2, and we eventually settled on the canon. all tape deck problems i read about aside, i think im ordering it in the morning! thanks for all your help you guys, and about that 20/20 documentary…i think i am going to do that when i get some free time, but maybe not with something as expensive as a vid camera. maybe something alittle more budget friendly like some new lenses for my gl2? wont be as hard hitting as the poor college student with aspirations of film making who cant afford a camera story, but hey, it could still be interesting and would be taking a big visual film-like quality dump on the chest of those assholes who call themselves businessmen. πŸ˜‰

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